GBE-Poolmag-DailyGBE announces, “GBE-China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition ushers its magnificent and meaningful tenth year under the care and support of the whole industry. We do appreciate your continued support and attention during these years. In order to express our sincere respect and deep gratitude, GBE Committee will specially organize 2016 World Billiards Night & GBE 10th Anniversary Dinner in the evening of March 10. Well-known billiard manufacturers, agency dealers, associations and media reporters will be invited to join in. We gather to celebrate GBE’s ten years development and to enhance communication within the industry.

“On behalf of GBE committee, we sincerely invite you to attend our exhibition and join the party as our honored guest. Please kindly confirm if you have time and interest to join us on the night of March 10th, 2016.

“As one of the most influential billiard exhibitions in the world, GBE has done great performance for the last 9 consecutive years, we show great gratitude to GBE’s honor media partners: ACBS, APBU, QBSF, CTBA, WPBA, EPBF, EBSA, UMB, WEBSF, MSBF, ABSF, IPA, CPBF, HPBU,Pool & Billiard Magazine, Inside pool magazine, Touch magazine,,, etc.

“Besides, GBE has invited advisors from all over the world; and with the influence of them, more insiders will keep attention and take part in our exhibition.

“The below listed advisors have supported GBE for years:
Mohamed Salem Al-Nuaimi: Chairmen of W9BC & Secretary General of QBSF
Mubarak Al Khayarin: President of ACBS
Tu Yung-Hui: President of APBU & Ex-president of CTBF.

“Here are GBE’s new overseas advisors:
Gre Leenders: President of European Pocket Billiard Federation(EPBF)
James Jack: Director of World Billiards
Alan Morris: Executive Director of United States Snooker Association
Marios Georgiou: President of Cyprus Pocket Billiard Federation
Theodore Bitsaxakis: General Secretary of Hellenic Pocket Billiard Union
Tom Shaw: Managing Editor of Pool & Billiard Magazine
Achim Gharbi: Managing Editor of Touch Magazine
Steven Lin: Director of ASIAN POOL & BILLARD ACADEMY

“Although the global trend of economic crisis and it may affect the development of billiards industry in some degree, GBE2016, as it always was, continued to show its gorgeous and splendid moment to the world. Many clients said they show sincere thanks to this great platform – GBE for giving them the chance to get more orders, more inquiries and enlarging their business to a larger scope.

“We are looking forward to your positive response.

“Best regards,

“Eve Cheng”

GBE Organizing Committee
Person: Ms. Eve Cheng
Phone: +86 13560305370
E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @gbechina

GBE-China Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition, March 9-11
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