CSI LogoCueSports International (CSI) just announce that the 2015 US Bar Table Championships 10-Ball Division matches have been released on the CSI YouTube channel. Twelve (12) matches featuring some of the best players in the world including Shane Van Boening, Jayson Shaw, Skyler Woodward, Justin Bergman, Rodrigo Geronimo, Jeffrey Ignacio, and more can be viewed in their entirety absolutely free!
The 22nd US Bar Table Championships were held last February (Feb. 16-22) at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno, NV.


KamuiThe matches were recorded in “The Kamui Arena” with high definition equipment and full-time commentary by Ken Shuman and other special guests.



The primary sponsors of the event were Kamui (Official Tip) and OB Cues  (Official Cue).


Matches on this YouTube playlist:
Match 1: Ozzy Reynolds vs Sean “Alaska” Morgan
Match 2: Shane Van Boening vs Robb Saez
Match 3: Kelly Isaac vs Cindy Yazzie
Match 4: Skyler Woodward vs Scott Frost
Match 5: Shane Van Boening vs Jeffrey Ignacio
Match 6: Jayson Shaw vs Josh Roberts
Match 7: Amar Kang vs Danny Olson
Match 8: Shane Van Boening vs Justin Bergman
Match 9: Skyler Woodward vs Jeffrey Ignacio (Hot Seat Match)
Match 10: Rodrigo Geronimo vs Shane Van Boening (Quarter Final)
Match 11: Rodrigo Geronimo vs Skyler Woodward (Semi-Final)
Match 12: Skyler Woodward vs Jeffrey Ignacio (Final)
2015 US Bar Table Championships 10-Ball Division

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2015 US Bar Table 10-Ball Championships Now on YouTube