Championship Billiard FabricsĀ  (Click Here) asks on their Facebook page for us all to share this story, “will not only get you thinking about MaleBreastCancer, but the true value of family bonds. Genes are tight like Harvey Singer and Vicki Singer Wolf, Cancer doesn’t discriminate…”

Beast Cancer Awareness Campaign – Harvey & Vicki

harvey-thumb“Harvey, 60, grew even closer to his younger sister, Vicki, 57, as she supported him throughout his breast cancer journey. Vicki, a three-time breast cancer survivor, did her best to guide her brother through the unknown world of the disease. Their shared experience inspired them to co-create HIS Breast Cancer Awareness organization to help educate and raise awareness of breast cancer among men.” To read the entire article about the Estee Lauder Companies Breast Cancer Awareness Campagin and Harvey & Vicki CLICK HERE

Championship Billiard Fabrics Shares Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign